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This is Völur

Did you know that 24% of total meat production is wasted? On top of that, the meat industry accounts for 14.5% of all CO2 emissions.

At Völur, we are on a mission to change this. By combining industrial knowledge with disruptive AI technology, we create a greener future for the meat industry.


Our vision is a world with optimal use of all resources in the meat industry, thereby creating a more sustainable industry.


Our mission is to be the world's best data and AI company for the meat industry, leading to optimal use of all animals.

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Who we are

At Völur, we are revolutionizing the meat industry with data and AI, making it more optimized and sustainable.

We are a bunch of meat scientists, who care deeply about the industry and want to see it develop and evolve, and young tech enthusiasts who want to build great products and make the meat industry more sustainable.

Employees of Völur gathered on a indoor walkway, casually dressed.
Cows grazing in a field with wind turbines against a sunset sky.

What we do

By combining deep technical and industry knowledge, we use data and AI to empower meat processors to make optimal decisions, to improve the utilization of animals throughout the whole value chain, making the industry more optimized and sustainable.

With our solution, meat processors can use about 10% less animals to satisfy the exact same market demand. This can lead to a big drop in carbon emissions, similar to what all the commercial planes in the world emit in a year.

How we do it

The meat industry has a very complex value chain: the right and optimal utilization of animals is a complex problem. Today the industry solves this with excel sheets leading to unbalanced supply, overproduction and a push driven industry with low margins and waste in the value chain.

We help meat producers make sense of their data so that it becomes meaningful and actionable.

Our solution takes existing data from the industry, contextualize it, and puts it into our AI model. In the end, the meat processor gets a ready-to-use optimal production plan: both for daily production planning and long-term planning.

Völur employees working on the product
Völur employee standing in front of a company banner at an indoor event.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a world with optimal use of all resources in the meat industry, thereby creating a more sustainable industry.

Our mission is to be the world's best data and AI company for the meat industry, leading to optimal use of all animals.

Our team

We are bold thinkers, meat industry experts, and innovators striving to make an impact every day and help our customers become more digitalized and sustainable.

Headshot of Anna Turvoll

Anna Turvoll


Headshot of David Moriano

David Moriano

CAIO and Co-Founder

Headshot of Adrian Diaz

Adrian Diaz

CTO and Co-Founder

Headshot of Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth

Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth

VP Engineering

Headshot of Derek Vote

Derek Vote

Head of Völur US

Headshot of Julia Telford-Brown

Julia Telford-Brown

Sr. Product Manager

Headshot of Engebreth Faerden

Engebreth Faerden

VP Business Development & Finance

Headshot of Anastasiia Korsak


Head of Marketing

Headshot of Bryan Huber

Bryan Huber

Head of Sales

Headshot of Marianne Aanesen

Marianne Aanesen

Executive Assistant

Headshot of Mateusz Grzywa

Mateusz Grzywa

Lead Software Engineer


Völur’s milestones


Völur was born

The initial discussions among the founders on opportunities for data-driven optimization solutions for the meat industry began to take shape.


Garnering support for our vision

Secured pre-seed funding, grants, and loans from Innovation Norway, Startup Lab, Simula Innovation, and Fortress Fund.


First recognitions

Secured a Proof of Concept (POC) with Nortura, one of the largest Norwegian meat producers. We also became a finalist for Microsoft Norway's Startup Partner of the Year 2021 award.


Völur's momentum continues to build

Embarked on a Proof of Concept (PoC) with JBS USA, one of the world's largest meat producers.  Successfully secured a seed round from investors, including Silicon Valley based VCs Fusion Fund, Beat Ventures and Scribbles Ventures, and Norwegian Idékapital.


A pivotal year

JBS USA has decided to implement Völur's solution to demonstrate value creation (POV). We are securing more customers joining forces with Cooperl, a leading French pork producer, to maximize pork carcass sorting and cutting with AI technology. We also partner with Microsoft as a global Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and join Azure Marketplace.

Board of Directors

Headshot of Robert Ekrem

Robert Ekrem


Robert is the Co-Founder of Völur. Throughout his career, he has acquired strong industry knowledge and expertise within the meat and poultry industry.

Robert holds an MSc. in Management and Finance from University College London.

Headshot of David Gerster

David Gerster

Board Member

David is an Investment Partner at Fusion Fund. Prior to Fusion, he was an investor at the JLL Spark Global Venture Fund, a $100M early stage proptech fund. Prior to JLL, he was the Vice President of Data Science at BigML.

David holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.

Headshot of Lamar Steiger

Lamar Steiger

Board Member

Lamar serves as Walmart's beef supply chain consultant. In 2014, he helped lead a dramatic and innovative change to the Walmart beef supply by creating a true ranch-to-retail supply chain. He also continues to consult with ranchers throughout the country on profitable ranch management.

Lamar holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Our Partners

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