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Redefining decision-making.
Maximizing carcass value.

AI software for a more optimized and sustainable meat industry.


We use data and AI to empower meat processors with optimal sorting and cutting decisions, to maximize carcass value throughout the whole value chain.

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Maximize carcass value
with data and AI

Increase margins

Our solution is designed to optimize the use of each carcass, leading to increased income and reduced short- and long-term costs.

Satisfy demand

Make better sorting, cutting and processing decisions to satisfy your orders.

Save time

Our tailored solution will save hours on your daily production planning.

Reduce carbon footprint

With higher utilization of each carcass, you will reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable meat industry.


Norway’s largest meat producer:

- What values the solution has given to the client Meat value chain optimazation.

Navn Navnesen, CEO Nortura


Völur Carcass Value Optimization

A stand-alone solution that ensures optimal decisions, with a full overview of the value chain.

Daily Production

Optimal sorting, cutting & processing plans

Get the right cutting patterns and recipes enabling the optimal number of animals needed for a given demand.

Daily or shift-based production plan that your team can execute on the fabrication floor

Tactical Inventory

Build-up inventory strategy

Enabling the right inventory levels to meet future demand for every product.

Satisfy demand

Get an overview of your supply to meet the right demand.

Sales & Operations

All your data, in context

Utilize the power of your data, and scale to different production facilities.

Tailored solution

A solution tailored to your business goals and constraints. We have both deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Start maximizing carcass value today.

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