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Work with us

Are you passionate about shaping the future of the meat processing industry through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices?

Why Völur?

We believe in fostering a workplace that goes beyond the ordinary. Joining our team means being part of a community dedicated to solving real-world challenges and driving positive change in the meat industry.

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Join meat-tech's forefront for a sustainable future.

Please see our list of open positions below.

No open positions currently available.
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Leadership Principles

Transparent and collaborative communication

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We prioritize open and direct communication that facilitates trust within and among teams.

We encourage everyone to communicate openly, ensuring that knowledge is shared widely and deliberately.

We welcome feedback by valuing each team member's perspectives, ideas, and contributions.

Lead by Example

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We lead through action and demonstrate the behaviors and qualities we expect from our team members.

By embodying our core values and principles, we inspire and motivate others to do the same.

Empower decision-making

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We believe that direction is more important than rules.

We value autonomy, where individuals have the freedom to make decisions and take ownership of their work.

We trust our team members' expertise and encourage them to solve problems independently.


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​We move with high speed and agility, and quickly adapt to changing circumstances. We encourage trial and error, preferably as early as possible when the stakes are lower.


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Making mistakes is not only allowed but also seen as an integral part of our journey towards success.

We encourage our teams to show courage by pursuing new ideas, take risks, try new approaches and push boundaries without the fear of failure.



We act with integrity, accountability, and transparency, fostering a culture of trust that strengthens our team and builds lasting relationships with our customers.


We work together as one team towards a common goal. We all bring different skills and experiences, and by collaborating and supporting each other, we create synergies that empower us to succeed together.

Customer Value

Understanding and exceeding customer expectations are essential for us. We strive to empathize, adapt, and innovate to create meaningful and sustainable solutions that enhance customer value.

Growth Mindset

We seek to learn, be curious, and grow as individuals and as a company. We embrace challenges, interpreting them as incentives to improve.

Sustainability by Impact

We are committed to pursuing ideas and creating lasting solutions to enhance sustainability and development for the industry and the world.


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