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Our product

Our AI-based technology is designed to optimize cutting and processing decisions of the meat & poultry industry.

enabling aI technology

The process

Customer data

Identify and setup secure datastreams.

Data cleaning

Assess data quality and prepare it to enable AI-powered solutions.

Business rules

The tailored solution gets created based on your business rules and needs.

Optimal solution

You get the power of AI to make optimal decisions throughout the value chain

Optimal cutting and processing

Your next decision,
made better

We help you reduce cost and increase margins by providing optimal cutting and processing plans

Optimal utilization of animals

Optimal cutting & processing

Pull-driven value chain

Risk contingency & mitigation

right inventory levels for every product

Meet demand with the lowest inventory cost

We provide you with optimal inventory levels and knowledge of what products needs to be pushed into the market

Build-up inventory strategy

Push-inventory recommendations

What-if simulation

Know the effects of your decisions

We simulate your decisions and calculate the effects of every scenario. From sales decisions to factory changes.

What-if simulation

Live KPIs & Insights

Optimize with Völur.