Uses artificial intelligence to optimize the meat industry

August 24, 2021


Oslo, Norway, 20.05.21 — The Norwegian technology company Völur has launched a system for optimizing cutting and processing in the meat industry, which ensures optimal use of each individual animal.

Cutting and processing of meat is an extremely complex problem that is currently handled through manual analyzes, long experience and deep industrial understanding. The challenge is that the problem is so complex that it is difficult for the industry to find optimal solutions based on current tools. Combining new technological solutions and artificial intelligence, Völur manages to handle the complexity of the meat industry and optimize both cutting and processing based on market demand. This makes Völur's solution innovative and unique in both the Norwegian and international market.

Through a software as a service (SaaS) solution in Azure, Microsoft's cloud solution, it is possible to handle the complex database with over 6 million variables, in a safe and secure way for the customer. The results are presented through a user interface built on Power BI, which provides users new insights and recommendations on optimal cutting and processing, based on both current and future market demand.

«By chosing Azure cloud we make it possible to use the latest and most advanced technology solutions, at the same time as we develop a system that is tailored to the meat industry. This have made several international meat producers very interested in the solution.» - elaborates CEO, Robert Ekrem.

This week they have provided more information about the solution during the international AI + conference, which was opened by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, and sponsored by Völur's partner Microsoft.

«Völur is one of the most exciting and innovative Norwegian start-up companies I have worked with. The company has the potential to create a big positive impact on the meat industry and make it more sustainable. Sustainability is on top of the agenda in Microsoft and we are proud to support Völur through our Microsoft for Startups program. We look forward to working closely together in the future. " - says Izabela Hawrylko, Microsoft for Startups Norway Team Lead.